Project 21’s Borelli Chides California Lawmakers for Coerced Giving Proposal

By David Almasi:

People already hate it when the government tells them what they can buy. Now, California lawmakers are mulling over a proposal that would tell people how they can give to charity.In a commentary published in the May 11 Washington Times, Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli has criticized alifornia’s “The Foundation Diversity and Transparency Act” (AB 624), which would, she points out, “require charitable foundations with assets of $250 million or more to report the race, sex and sexual preferences of its staff, board of directors and grant recipients in the foundation’s annual report and on its website.”

Deneen further noted:

One group supporting AB 624 is The Greenlining Institute, a left-wing public policy organization headquartered in the radical enclave of Berkeley. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the group alleges that minorities are not sufficiently represented in California policy debates. Operating on the notion that this is because minority groups don’t have enough money, AB 624 being sought as a tactic to “shame” foundations into donating more money to minority-led entities.Why rely on merit when charitable giving can be mandated through the force of law?

The Greenling Institute agenda is clear: use the race card to hijack the power of the state and force charities to fund liberal organizations under the guise of helping minorities.

Besides the bureaucratic costs and hassles involved and the ability for it to become a model for other state and federal lawmakers, Deneen notes the chilling effect AB 624 could have on charitable giving:

Implementation of AB 624 may also deter individuals and companies from establishing philanthropic foundations in the first place. The Greenlining goal is to “shame” foundations. Why establish a foundation with advance knowledge that it will be harassed if it doesn’t give away its money in the prescribed, politically-correct manner?Ironically, by seeking to increase donations to certain groups, this legislation may actually result in a chilling effect on overall philanthropy and harm all deserving grant recipients.

Deneen’s complete commentary can be found here.

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