Top Corporate Watchdogs Form New Free Enterprise Project at National Center for Public Policy Research

Washington, DCThe National Center for Public Policy Research is pleased to announce that the personnel and resources of the non-profit Free Enterprise Education Institute have joined the National Center for Public Policy Research.  Programs in defense of free markets, shareholders and taxpayers formerly carried out by FEEI now will be run under the new Free Enterprise Project of the National Center for Public Policy Research.

“We are thrilled to be combining resources with the NCPPR,” said Thomas Borelli, Ph.D., who, with Steven J. Milloy, MHS, JD, LLM, served as a joint co-director of the Free Enterprise Education Institute and now as a co-director with Milloy of the new Free Enterprise Project of the National Center.

“The merger will significantly enhance our ability to educate the public on emerging threats to our free enterprise system,” Borelli added.  “As we have witnessed with global warming legislation, liberal CEOs are partnering with left-wing political and environmental activists to lobby for a regulatory scheme that will reduce economic growth and limit consumer choice.  The Free Enterprise Project will expose the risks that political and social activists and their business allies pose to the conservative values of individual liberty and limited government.  Being part of NCPPR will enable us to focus our time and attention on policy reports and monitor CEOs through our website  Together, we will strive to preserve our free enterprise system.”

Borelli is also a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research and a managing partner of Action Fund Management, LLC, an investment advisory firm.  Steve Milloy publishes and is a managing partner of Action Fund Management, LLC.

“Tom Borelli and Steve Milloy are unique among guardians of free enterprise.  They defend the free-market system from its enemies in government and left-wing special interest groups,” said Amy Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, “but there are others who do that.  Where Steve and Tom’s contributions are uniquely and powerfully valuable is in their guardianship of the free-enterprise system from often its worst enemy: Corporate executives who don’t adequately evaluate the impact of their decisions on shareholders, the economy and ultimately, the American  people.”

Ridenour continued: “Tom and Steve are rare among free-market analysts because they have the expertise and the guts to expose efforts by left-wing interest groups to divert businesses away from best practices and into left-wing advocacy.  Steve and Tom aren’t shy.  They name names and point fingers.  They attend stockholder meetings to confront top CEOs face-to-face.  They do in-depth research and they appear on the top shows and in the biggest newspapers.  They form coalitions, and they get the job done.”

“As all America has seen,” Ridenour concluded, “when businesses forget their duty to the stockholder and start pursuing left-wing agendas, profitability – and people – suffer.  Steve and Tom are the watchdogs on industry that industry truly needs.”

Steve Milloy and Tom Borelli’s first activity for the Free Enterprise Project has been a study analyzing lobbying by state pension fund managers for global warming-related regulation that would hurt the profitability of the funds they manage.  Their just-released study, “Pensions in Peril: Are State Officials Risking Public Employee Retirement Benefits by Playing Global Warming Politics?,” is available on the National Center for Public Policy Research website at


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