At Stimulus Press Conference, Dem Senators Laugh When Susan Collins Lauds Bipartisanship

In a YouTube video apparently uploaded by the Senator’s own office, Senator Susan Collins refers to the $789 “stimulus” spending bill as “fiscally-responsible”:

Today we have shown that, working together, we can address the enormous economic crisis affecting our country. I am particularly pleased that we have produced an agreement that has a top line of $789 billion dollars. That is less than either the House- or Senate-passed bills. It is a fiscally-responsible number that reflects our efforts to truly focus this bill on programs and policies and tax relief that will help turn our economy around, create jobs and provide relief to the families of our country.

I am also very pleased that we were able to increase the amount of funding for infrastructure. That is the most powerful component in this bill to create jobs. Overall, there is about a hundred and fifty billion dollars in infrastructure this bill when you add together transportation, environmental, broadband, and other projects.

Note that, 40 seconds into the video, just an instant after Senator Collins says “working together,” the three Democratic Senators standing directly behind Collins crack up.

I have to agree with the Democrat Senators that any pretense of bipartisanship on bill this one was a joke — a $789 billion dollar sick joke on the American people that definitely is not, Senator Collins, in any way, “fiscally responsible.”

And, say what you will about Senator Specter (really, please do!), in this video he at least has the presence of mind to look absolutely grim.

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