WMAL Talker Chris Plante on Disney CEO’s Expletive

Chris Plante, talk show host on ABC Radio’s 630 WMAL in Washington D.C. today discussed the incident in which Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger used an expletive to conservative activist Tom Borelli.

The following is a transcript of that segment of Plante’s show:

Transcript of the Chris Plante Show, March 11, 2009

Bob Iger, Robert Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney Corporation drops the F-bomb after it’s revealed that he’s still carrying water for the Clintons.

Uh, you may remember, I guess a couple of years ago now, the ABC television network, owned by the Disney Corporation, produced a miniseries that was called “The Path to 9/11.” It was based on the 9/11 Commission Report and it was supposed to be a factual telling of what led to the attacks of September 11th, and what was done, and what was not done, by, primarily, the Clinton administration.

It was considered to be, in many instances, embarrassing to the Clinton administration; in particular, to Sandy “Burglar,” the then-National Security Advisor, who had instructed special operations forces affiliated with the CIA to not pull the trigger on Osama Bin Laden, and, uh, and a couple of other things that they found embarrassing. Well, you may remember that the Clinton administration officials complained to ABC and to Disney, and Disney went back and kind of changed a couple of things, you know, because you certainly wouldn’t want to offend any Democrat politicians. Same policy they have with Republicans, right?

Um, well, a fellow, Tom Borelli, who represents a mutual fund, speaking at the Disney Company’s shareholder meeting, brought up the fact that Bob Iger, who is a contributor to Democratic causes, a supporter of the Clinton administration, and a big Dem lib, the CEO of Walt Disney, has refused to package up the very, very popular, somewhat controversial “Path to 9/11” miniseries on DVDs and sell them. Well, Tom Borelli brought that up at the shareholders’ meeting. And he pointed out the fact that Bob Iger is putting politics before profits and that shareholders are being denied an opportunity to benefit from DVD sales of this ABC miniseries, “The Path to 9/11.”

And he said: “Since its broadcast in September 2006, Iger has refused to profit from this project, despite its significant market potential.”

“The Path to 9/11,” he said, received seven Emmy nominations, had 25 million viewers over two nights, and was highly ranked in the Nielsen ratings. The first night it was number-two and on the second night it was number-one – most-watched TV programs in the country.

[He] says: “Not only has Iger decided that Disney will not to sell the DVD, he will not allow the sale of the distribution rights. Lion[s] Gate was told that, uh, distribution rights were not available,” and this fellow says it’s all because Bob Iger is in the pocket of the Clintons.

Well, Mr. Borelli then walked down into the audience to Bob Iger, went to shake his hand. Bob Iger crossed his arms, refused to shake his hand, and said [pause] “FU!” Although he didn’t abbreviate it that way; he used the entire word – “F— you!” So much for Disney’s family-friendly…

I, I, I love this guy “Tom Borelli” at the Disney board meeting, though. He then, after Bob Iger said “F— you!” to him, in an unabbreviated form, Borelli returned to the podium and explained to the gathered audience exactly what Iger had just said; to the gasps of the audience!

We appreciate Mr. Plante’s comments, and his show as well, which — especially since President Obama’s inauguration — has been quite invigorating.

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