Posts Borelli Portion of Disney Shareholder Meeting has posted the portion of the audio recording of the Walt Disney Company Shareholder’s meeting in which Tom Borelli makes his presentation. Quite apart from the controversy regarding the expletive, Tom’s full (and quite frank) presentation to the Disney shareholders will be of interest to many conservative activists, who also are likely to appreciate the fact that the assembled shareholders gave Tom strong applause.

As we noted yesterday, the audio recording the Disney Company released does not include the recording of Tom reporting Iger’s remark to him after Tom concluded his presentation.

Walt Disney Company Chairman John Pepper’s response to Tom is included at the end of the recording.

The entire recording runs just under nine minutes.

P.S. For those interested, the spot at which Tom returned to the podium to report to the other shareholders the comment Iger had just made to him — the comment erased from this version of the tape by Disney — ran from 5:52 to 5:53 on’s time clock.

More specifically, the tape begins with Disney Chairman John Pepper introducing Tom. Then:

-Tom’s presentation
-the applause following the end of Tom’s presentation starts at 5:46
-Mr. Pepper says “thank you Mr. Borelli” at 5:50
-silence where Tom’s comment about what Mr. Iger said is cut out from 5:52 to 5:53
-Mr. Pepper says “let me respond to your comments, Mr. Borelli” at 5:54
-Mr. Pepper responds until the end of the tape


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