Foul Mouse! WorldNetDaily on Disney

World Net Daily has run two stories on Tom Borelli’s presentation to the Walt Disney Company’s annual stockholder meeting.

In Foul Mouse! Disney ‘Drops F-Bomb’ Over ‘9/11’, WND columnist Joe Kovacs asks, “Did the head of the Walt Disney Company drop the F-bomb on one of its own investors at its annual shareholder meeting?” Kovacs goes on to cover Disney’s denial, and our response, and includes some additional information about Disney’s attitude toward the “Path to 9/11” miniseries it owns, but declines to distribute.

In the news story Disney Censors F-Bomb From CEO Iger to Conservative Activist, NewsMax recounts how the Walt Disney Company edited out of the webcast version of its March 10 annual shareholder meeting the incident in which conservative activist and Disney investor Tom Borelli received the “f-bomb” from Disney CEO Robert Iger.

The piece begins:

The Walt Disney Company has edited out of the webcast version of its March 10 annual shareholder meeting an incident in which Disney CEO Robert Iger dropped the “f-bomb” on conservative activist and Disney investor Tom Borelli.Iger scowled at and said “f— you” to Tom Borelli, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project, at Tuesday’s annual Disney shareholder meeting after Borelli told shareholders about Iger’s refusal to sell the DVD or the distribution rights of the miniseries “The Path to 9/11.”

Borelli, who was attending the meeting on behalf of the Free Enterprise Action Fund, a mutual fund with which he is affiliated, had just ended his presentation and was attempting to shake Iger’s hand when Iger used the phrase. Iger also refused to uncross his arms and shake Borelli’s hand. Borelli, who had received applause from fellow shareholders after his presentation, went back to the podium and precisely reported to his fellow shareholders what Iger had just said, to gasps from the assembled crowd….

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