Outrage of the Day – Congress Treats Death Threats Lightly

Today awarded to Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) for his callous response to death threats received by private citizens, including children, employed by or related to someone employed by AIG.

Sound public policy relating to AIG – whatever that might be and not that we can expect this Congress to enact it – does not require that Congress possess the actual names of AIG employees who received contractual bonuses. Even the farcical policy of handing out money only to tax it right back (really, how ridiculous can Congress get?) does not require that Congress have these names. (The IRS would take care of collections.)

Congress leaks. And leaks. And leaks. (Usually for very selfish reasons; once in a while due to stupidity or carelessness.) Anyone who cares a fig for the safety and peace of mind of these people should just err on the side if caution and leave people’s names out of the debate.

Or maybe we’ve just reached a place in this country in which Congress doesn’t care if children are the focus of death threats.

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