Eeyore is Cute!

If you visited earlier this evening, or read this blog on an RSS feeder, you may have seen a cryptic post reading “eeyore is cute!,” with the headline “1238801027298.”

As you might guess, I didn’t post that. It appeared mysteriously this evening, in place of several recent posts that had been published today and yesterday.

The rest of this post has been written for any bloggers who have had this happen to them, and who are doing Internet searches to see if it happened to anyone else.

When I did quick Google search for “eeyore is cute!,” I found that other blogs had the same mysterious post.

The following are examples with screen shots (I assume most bloggers will remove “eeyore is cute!” once they notice it):

…among others.

It appears that all the affected blogs use the Blogger publishing platform owned by Google. I’m no software expert, but it appears to me that the post was inserted by the Blogger publishing system. The posts that had gone missing from my main page remained on my home page, and the new post about Eeyore did not appear there (Eeyore was on my server, however). I was able to get rid of the Eeyore post and regain the posts that had been deleted simply by republishing my blog.

I hope this is helpful to someone.

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