Mychal Massie at Pennsylvania Tea Party

Mychal Massie sent along these photos from the Easton, Pennsylvania Tea Party, which he attended today:




Speaking of Mychal, folks might be interested in his latest column for WorldNetDaily, “Anti-Gun Laws Favor Criminals.” Mychal’s regular WorldNetDaily column is done separately from his work as chairman of Project 21, but it’s still pure Mychal.

A sample from this column:

…It is as easy to target and vilify gun owners as it is to target and vilify smokers, but it won’t end gun crimes. It certainly won’t end the brutal murder of law-enforcement officers, who are the line of defense between criminals and us. It is easy for the anti-Second Amendment groups to blame conservative commentators for being responsible for these killings based on their support of private gun ownership — but that is a crude banausic idiocy based on agenda-driven contempt for any and all who disagree with their agendas.

And to that point, how many anti-firearm groups contribute to funds set up to help the families of slain officers? How many funerals of slain officers have Susan Sarandon, Rosie O’Donnell, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton attended?…


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