Outrage of the Day: Outrageous Tea Party News Coverage

Some mainstream news outlets had decent coverage (here is another fair example) of the Tea Parties across the United States, but others, predictably, were awful.

A Chris Parry article for the Vancouver Sun, “Turnout Tepid in U.S. for Modern-Era ‘Tea Parties’” struck me as particularly bad, though not as bad as the adult “humor” used to denigrate the Tea Parties by NBC/MSNBC/Newsweek, and the weirdly hostile reaction by a CNN correspondent.

Newsbusters has these well covered. For details, go to:

CNN Correspondent Claims Tea Parties ‘Anti-Government,’ ‘Anti-CNN’,” by Julia A. Seymour

Newsweek’s Gross Confronted on ‘Teabagging’ Schtick,” by Matthew Philbin

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: ‘It’s Hard to Talk When You’re Tea-Bagging’,” by Matthew Balan

NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Tea Parties Haven’t ‘Caught On’,” by Julia A. Seymour

MSNBC: The Place for Low-Brow ‘Teabag’ Humor,” by Jeff Poor

These folks not only aren’t journalists, they can’t even play one on TV.

P.S. See the National Center for Public Policy Research’s pictures of Tea Party events here, here and here.

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