Free Enterprise Project Takes on GE Today: Join It By Signing Our Online Petition

If you’ve followed the work of Tom Borelli and the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project, you know Tom and his crew have been very tough on General Electric and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

GE has its shareholder meeting today in sunny Orlando, Florida. Tom will be there, and you can be, too — virtually, that is.

You can do so by going to the Free Enterpriser website and signing the Free Enterprise Project’s petition to GE CEO Immelt.

Read the petition to review the concerns Tom and his allies have about GE, both from a free enterprise and American perspective, and if you agree, please go here and add your name to the over 1,000 people who signed the petition in just the first day or so of its posting:

Jeffery Immelt
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
General Electric Company
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828
Dear Mr. Immelt,We surround you.

I’m writing you to express my deep concern that under your leadership, GE’s business practices are undermining the principles of our free society.

I’m outraged that GE sold infrastructure equipment to Iran — a country that is a recognized state sponsor of terror. Moreover, I’m appalled you defended your business dealings with Iran by saying “The issue of whether to conduct business in certain countries is complex; we must take into account not only the views of the U.S. Government but all relevant stakeholders.”

It’s reckless for you to place your short-term business interest ahead of our national security.

I’m troubled by your use of GE’s considerable lobbying resources to expand the growth and influence of government over my life. Specifically, GE is supporting so-called cap-and-trade legislation that would increase energy prices, increase job losses and result in slower economic growth. In addition, the legislation would lead to a massive government bureaucracy and loss of individual freedom.

I’m concerned that you are using GE’s media empire to manipulate public opinion. NBC News and MSNBC are slanted to favor the left-wing political agenda and network programming is skewed to promote — without attribution — GE’s “green” business goals.

As a supporter of the 9-12 Project and the Tax Day Tea Party rallies, I’m motivated to take action to promote the values and principles on which our country was founded.

Accordingly, I’m encouraging you to never trade with enemies of the U.S., to stop lobbying for cap-and-trade legislation and to bring fairness and balance to your media empire.

I’m putting you and your board of directors on notice that your decisions are inconsistent with my values and to inform you that as one of thousands of liberty loving citizens — we surround you.


For more information, go to Glenn Beck’s website and listen to Glenn’s first-hour radio interview with Tom on 4/20 (paid subscription required), and/or watch Glenn interview Tom about GE on Fox’s Glenn Beck show on February 9 in the video I’ve embedded above.

You can also go here to read what happened when Tom confronted GE at its 2007 shareholder meeting, here to read a quote from Jeff Immelt calling for more regulation on private business, go here to see how GE lobbies for global warming regulations, or here to see Tom name Immelt one of the nation’s five worst CEOs.

Or come back to this blog later today, when I post more video of Tom on other programs, discussing GE policies.

But, above all, don’t forget! If you agree, go here to sign the petition to GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

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