GE Apparently Concludes ObamaCare Would Spend Less on Diagnostic Health Care Equipment Than Private Insurers Do

In “Is GE Dancing to the White House Piper?,” Washington Examiner writer Timothy Carney says GE is altering its business strategy to take into account President Obama’s government-run health care plan:

President Obama is calling for a greater government role in health care. He has proposed allowing all Americans onto a government-run plan that would compete with private insurers, and he has also proposed government cost-containment measures. This could be worrisome to GE, which makes expensive diagnostic equipment.

Ironically, while Obama’s plans to regulate Americans’ energy use could benefit GE financially, the President’s desire to push Americans into government-run health care could hurt the company. GE apparently has concluded that government-run health care programs will spend less on the diagnostic equipment GE makes than do private insurers.

Evidently, it isn’t just right-wing extremists such as ourselves who believe private insurers shell out more for patients’ welfare than government-run systems do.

P.S. It’s on a different subject, but consider signing our petition to GE.

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