We Need the Energy; We Need the Jobs; We Need the Revenue

In an op-ed appearing in papers nationwide this week, David Ridenour says Congress and the Obama White House are “shunning [an] economic stimulus that would cost taxpayers zilch, yet could create up to 160,000 jobs and up to $1.7-trillion in new government revenue.”

What’s more, he says, “A significant part of this would flow to cash-strapped states, giving them funding needed to help unemployed workers and their families, fund schools, and avoid cuts in critical state services.”

The stimulus: Drilling for oil.

Let’s face it: We need the stuff.

Speaking of which, David’s piece also examines the likelihood that solar and wind power can meet America’s energy needs.

Read the article online on the Miami Herald website, the Cleveland Plain Dealer website, or the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer website, among others.

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