Obama’s Team Worried on Health Care Prospects

This Associated Press report is a decent overview of where the health care debate is on the Hill right now, which is to say, no where. At this moment, anyway.

That said, I very much caution those of us who fear an advance of government-run health care with its attendant long lines and rationing not to relax one bit. We’ve seen with the stimulus package, among other things, that this President and Congress are willing to leap first and look after. That’s a recipe for passing something, even if it’s horrible, just so they can say they did so.

The left has wanted government-run health care for years and the left-wing of the Democratic Party will not be especially forgiving if this President and Congress don’t deliver it. Furthermore, President Obama is aware that a failure to deliver something major for the left on health care will be attributed especially to him (and from what we’ve seen so far, rightly so, as he’s been providing scant leadership to his side). The longer this drags on, the less the White House will care about passing a bill that actually works for America, and more about getting something, anything, approved.

That could be trouble for all of us.

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