Speaking of the Government Letting People Die…

Speaking of the government letting people die, here’s a story from Fox News last year about a 53-year-old cancer patient in Lane County, Oregon who wanted Oregon’s public health plan to help him pay for chemotherapy.

Nothing doing, said Oregon, as the man’s cancer was such that chemotherapy stood less than a 95 percent chance of guaranteeing the man would live an additional five years.

Two years or 4 years 11 months of life was not worth the cost of chemo to Oregon.

But don’t think Oregon’s government-run health plan lacked sympathy. It sent the man a letter offering to foot the bill for physician-assisted suicide.

And no, the letter was not a mistake. It was official policy.

Read “Oregon Offers Terminal Patients Doctor-Assisted Suicide Instead of Medical Care” by Dan Springer for the rest of the story.

Hat tip: Foster Friess.

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