How Government Saves Money

This Wall Street Journal story about how government saves money is sad and funny at the same time.

Some sample savings found by U.S. government agencies in response to President Obama’s request that agencies come up with $100 million in savings:

* The U.S. Forest Service will get by with new white vehicles, despite preferring green.* When the Army sends soldiers on vacation, it will send more at a time.

* FEMA is going to re-use emergency trailers instead of throwing them out.

* Homeland Security and NHTSA are going to read newspapers online instead of subscribing to the paper versions.

* The Navy will delete unused email accounts, which, somehow, will save $5 million. (How many unused accounts can there possibly be?)

Regrettably, only one federal department — the Labor Department — suggested eliminating a program.

If only government agencies were as parsimonious about spending as they are about cutting programs.

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