Washington Post: Obama Has a “Ready Command of Facts”

In “Polling Helps Obama Frame Message in Health-Care Debate” in Friday’s Washington Post, reporter Michael D. Shear writes, “Obama is known for his soaring speeches and his ready command of facts…”

Ready command of facts?

Is he talking about the same President who admitted he was unfamiliar with a critical provision in his own trillion+ dollar health care plan?

Who thinks one of the functions of a living will is to stop extraordinary measures if “brain waves are no longer functioning“?

Who believes carbon dioxide emissions “contaminate the water we drink“?

Who says 14,000 people “every single day” will lose their health insurance unless we follow his advice on health care policy?

Who believes pediatricians remove tonsils?

Who says the health care plan he is backing will “keep government out of health care decisions“?

Who was under the impression that Austrians speak “Austrian“?

Who says with a straight face that his health care plan “will be paid for“?

Who keeps saying the U.S. is importing more oil today than ever before?

Who thought Emperor Hirohito personally surrendered to General MacArthur?

Who says the $1 trillion price tag on his health care bill is less than what we have spent on the war in Iraq?

Who repeatedly asserts that if his health care plan passes, “if you like your health plan, you can keep it, the only thing that will change is that you’ll pay less.”

The article in which this appeared, by the way, is about how the White House staff uses polls to determine what to put in the President’s teleprompter. As one “top advisor” (evidently, his name is top secret), told the Post: “I mean, I’m looking at polling, like, all the time.”

Right, dude.

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