Obama/DNC Health Care Operation Urges Congressional Visits



Someone who lives in Virginia but who did not mention that his name could be used sent me and others the attached two-page flyer from President Obama’s health care operation.

(Open each photo in a new tab or window to enlarge it, or download a PDF of the entire document here.)

The person had signed up to be on the Obama email list when Obama was a presidential candidate and received this by email.

In this case, the operation was encouraging this person to visit the office of Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia to lobby Senator Warner in favor of what the flyer calls “the President’s health care guarantees.”

Notice the flyer bypasses the issue of which, if any, legislation the recipient — or the Senator — is encouraged to favor. Recipients are just supposed to ask the Senator for the vaguely good-sounding items listed on the flyer, and leave the details to their supposed betters in Washington.

(For myself, I would never lobby anyone for “no gender discrimination” in health care, as I never used health services more than when I was carrying twins, and I have never once had even a bit of prostate trouble.)

Notice also that Obama’s operation wants people to report to them how office visits go (see the section entitled “After Your Visit” on the flyer) and how the staff responds.

I post these pages for informational purposes only. Do with them what you will.

Note: This post was edited after publishing to add the option of downloading a PDF of the flyer.

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