What’s Happening Now

Media: Obama’s a neologist; Bush was just dumb.

Jokes to play on the President.

Where does YOUR state rank? (H/T Coyote Blog.)

Examiner: If Americans were getting an average of 20 miles to the gallon before Cash for Clunkers, they are getting 20.0046 mpg after it. In a best-case scenario.

All hail Octavia: A novel new national debt relief program.

Jackass” was the correct term.

Americans want the legal opportunity to opt out of Social Security, 49% – 37%.

Dr. Roy Cordato: And they say private insurance companies are the bad guys.

Evil doesn’t die easily.

Think scientists are objective? Read this.

The power to force people to buy stuff is not in the Constitution.

Superman job: Fact-checking the White House.

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