A Funny Quote

David Ridenour shares his appreciation of a recent Mark Steyn column:

This comes from Mark Steyn in the latest edition of Hillsdale’s Imprimis. Steyn describes how, in order to ensure that Muslims aren’t offended, local British councils are banning workers from displaying Pooh’s Piglet on their desks, British banks have stopped giving away piggy banks, and all sorts of other absurdities.Here’s Steyn’s funny quote…

As Pastor Martin Niemoller might have said, ‘First they came for Piglet and I did not speak out because I was not a Disney character, and if I was, I’d be more of an Eeyore. Then they came for the Three Little Piges and Babe, and by the time I realized the Western world had turned into a 24/7 Looney Tunes, it was too late, because there was no Porky Pig to stammer, ‘Th-th-th-that’s all folks!’, and bring the nightmare to an end.

Okay… Maybe Pastor Niemoller won’t have put it exactly that way.

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