Next Year, Cancel Labor Day

President Obama said today that we all owe something to unions.

We certainly do: A big (figurative) punch in the nose, as a bigger job killing machine has never been invented.

Speaking of labor unions, I wish they (and the president) would stop claiming unions are responsible for the 40-hour work week. Prosperity and technological innovation, not lobbying or striking, is what made the 40-hour work week possible. Excluding businesses that accept bailouts, the only businesses that can offer workers 40-hour work weeks are the ones that can afford to. Lobbying and/or striking doesn’t make that possible.

Besides, who has a 40-hour work week? Relatively few entrepreneurs and small business owners, I bet.

I suggest we cancel the day meant to honor people who only work 40 hours a week and instead create one to honor entrepreneurs and small business owners. The day could be spent penning thank-you letters to the people who make our jobs possible in the first place.

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