100 Stories of Personal Struggles with the Health Care System You Won’t Hear from President Obama

ShatteredLivesCoverSm.jpgAs the White House has announced that the First Lady will watch the President’s health care speech tonight with two people who have had what the White House terms as “struggles” with the U.S. health care system, I remind everyone about our new book, “Shattered Lives: 100 Victims of Government Health Care.”

Shattered Lives tells of the struggles 100 people in countries that previously adopted the so-called “public option” (read: government option) on health care have had getting health care services. These are the kind of stories I think we can be confident the President won’t reference during his speech tonight.

We are not charging for PDF copies of the book, which readers can download from https://nationalcenter.org/

Why not download a copy now, and email it to any of your friends or family or are on the fence about the impact of increasing government control over our health system? Or post a link to the book’s free downloads page on your Facebook page or blog?

Remember, folks: Government-run health care guarantees you health insurance — it doesn’t guarantee health care.

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