The New Obama is A Deficit Hawk (Or So He Claims)

President Obama is saying he won’t sign a health care bill that adds “one dime to the deficit”:

“There are some principles that, if they are not embodied in the bill, I will not sign it,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts aired on “Good Morning America” today.

Yet the president declined in the interview to draw a line in the sand on a so-called “public option,” offering government-run health insurance to those who cannot find coverage privately.

Asked if the must-sign elements include that option, the president said: “I will give you an example — if it’s adding one dime to the deficit, if it’s not fully paid for,” then he will not sign the legislation…

Nice words, but if he means them, why has he been working for months for the trillion+ dollar House health care bill?

Surely even a man who spends tax dollars as easily as does our president considers a trillion dollars to be real money.

Or perhaps he’s signaling an intention to cut even more from Medicare?

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