DC Tea Party: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Stand, As Long As You Are There

I heard tonight on the Mark Levin Show, and elsewhere through the grapevine, some grassroots complaints that “Washington insiders” are dominating the speaker list at the “Tea Party Goes to Capitol Hill” 09.12.09 March on Washington.

My advice: Don’t worry about it.

First of all, based on the speaker list on this page, the charge isn’t true.

Second, who cares who is speaking? I’ve run a DC-based conservative group for more than 25 years, which ought to make me a (shudder) “Washington insider,” and I’m not speaking, but David and I and are three kids are packing up some beach towels, sandwiches and juice boxes and showing up for the day Saturday.

It doesn’t matter whether you are standing behind the podium or in front of it.

What matters is if you are there.

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