G. Gordon Liddy to Interview Black Conservative Deneen Borelli

Project 21’s Deneen Borelli will be a guest on the national G. Gordon Liddy radio program Monday, September 21, at noon Eastern.

The Liddy Show archives interviews online, so if you are a hard-working taxpayer who can’t listen in live, you can catch it later here.

Momentarily walking down memory lane, I recall that when Project 21 was first formed in 1992, Gordon Liddy was one of the first major talk show hosts to interview its members. He hosted several Project 21 members in a roundtable-style discussion in his studio, covering a variety of issues, not least of which was the hypocritically intolerant and unacceptably hostile way (my terms) the left treats black Americans who choose to believe in free markets.

Seventeen years later, the left still can’t stand it when a black American holds an opinion contrary to those of the socialist left.

As noted earlier, in other upcoming major interviews, the Fox News Channel has also booked Deneen for an appearance Sunday, September 20 at 11:05 AM Eastern and Deneen will appear on the Great American panel on the September 24 Hannity Show on the Fox News Channel.

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