Racism Allegations Hurt Obama, by Lisa Fritsch

Lisa Fritsch

Racism Allegations Hurt Obama

by Lisa Fritsch (bio)

Former president Jimmy Carter made it official.  Liberals are making the country pay for the mistakes of the Obama Administration and their agenda.  They are ignoring the merits of any criticism of his policies or actions and simply faulting Americans who disagree with him as racist. This is a travesty.

It is time for minorities to step up and say that they will not be used as the scapegoat, be used for propaganda, be the victim or become a dividing force in this country just to protect the nation’s first black President.

Not this time.  Especially not this time.

The race card was up the sleeves of liberal activists and their friends in the media long before Representative Joe Wilson shouted out, “You lie!” during President Obama’s address to Congress on health care.  The Joe Wilson incident and the tea parties only provide the stage for a long-written script, saved for the day when Americans dared to disagree with this President.

It’s an indicator of the weakness of their convictions.  Is the only way to defend the President and his policies to dredge up the prejudices that plagued this nation decades and centuries ago?

How dignified is it to play up the one thing that can make Americans feel sorry for this President?  All this essentially says Obama’s blackness is a disability.  Are we supposed to condescend to him as if he were a person in a wheelchair looking at a heavy door?

The whole farce about the President Obama’s half-African decent being a catalyst for civil unrest is not only disgusting, but pitiful.  Poor President Obama, if only he were white, Congress would have passed health care reform by now.  If Americans weren’t racist, town hall meetings would be full of Americans rallying in support of all the spending coming out of Washington.  And, if only the nation could accept a black man in charge, Obama could rule in unobstructed peace and solidarity – no matter what policies or laws he chooses to impose on the country.

When one thinks about it in these terms, only then does the absurdity truly rise to the top.

Opposition to Obama’s policy is not opposition to his person.  Race has nothing to do with not wanting to rush into his health care reform or a national energy tax or a huge spending bill without understanding their full measure (or at least being able to read the bills).

Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps the American people deserve more credit than what Carter and others are allowing them?

Here is a spectacular point of view:  perhaps the American people are disappointed in Obama because they expected so much of him and not so little.

In that same tenor, how many had truly hoped for positive change to come because of his race and not in spite of it?   Remember the talk of a post-racial America up to the election and during his inauguration?  As a nation, we celebrated this awe-inspiring African-American man.

People looked to Obama to unify Americans with his seemingly diverse points of view and his intellectual philosophies.  Many turned to him for racial edification.  Many hoped the change expected to come with electing him would wipe the slate and cleanse us of our sins of a prejudiced past.

Quite simply, his leadership and the business being done in his name have left Americans empty.

The promise of change, we have found out, is a lie.  And, as is apparent from Obama’s ruling class, we are to sit idly by while our country pays the price.

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