Outrage of the Day: More Racist Rants from the Anti-Black-Conservative Left

Sometimes I wonder how stupid you have to be to be a liberal. I mean, really. Take this, for example. Some liberals are so, I guess the word would be “threatened,” that not all black Americans chose to live on the liberal plantation that they actually have an Internet thread going about how Project 21 Fellow Deneen Borelli (who is black) looks lighter-skinned in one of the four photos of her they found online than in the other three.

The guy who started the thread, an “administrator” of the website U.S. Politics Online who goes by the pseudonym (presumably it is a pseudonym) “O’Sullivan Bere,” questions whether it is “unethical” for there to be a photo in circulation in which Deneen’s skin looks lighter.

What is it, buddy? Afraid she’ll “pass”?

Another dope on the thread opines, “She obviously realizes that most conservatives won’t listen to her if she looks really black.”

People, get real. The photo in which Deneen looks “lighter” is a professional studio shot. Studios have special lighting.Everybody looks different in professional portraits — that’s why people pay good money for them. (As to whether the portrait studio photoshopped it a bit, who knows. That’s standard nowadays, even for white subjects. If the “administrator” used his own photo instead of one I bet he stole off a movie-related website for his own picture, he’d probably know that.)

So the guy, the dishonorable “O’Sullivan Bere,” questions Deneen’s ethics in his headline while using stolen photos on his website to raise the ethics issue. I took the Fox News photoO’Sullivan Bere posted on my home computer — a screen shot of Fox programming off my computer monitor using a $29 piece of software (gee, I wonder why a screen shot looked different than a professionally done studio pic?) and I don’t remember the fellow who is pretending to be a character in a movie asking me for permission to re-post the photo. Deneen’s husband, Tom, took the shot of her at the Tea Party rally in which she looks darker, and sent it to us for this blog — so if the Borellis have a plot to make Deneen look lighter in public photos, they sure have a weird way of going about it.

I suppose in all fairness I should note that it appears the apparently-fake O’Sullivan Bere did not steal Tom’s Tea Party photo of Deneen directly from my blog. He took it (with permission? I bet not) from this blogger, another idiot. Presumably, that blogger, who also wrote disparagingly about Deneen’s skin tone, stole it from our blog, although I won’t rule out the possibility that there was another racist little photo-stealing twerp in the mix somewhere, and they all stole from one another after they stole from us.

Now that I have said all that, I’m going to go all moderate for a minute and admit not all liberals are stupid. I bet most of them would find this sort of thing at to be an embarrassment — for their side. They’d be right.

P.S. Ironically, the thread about Deneen supposedly being unethical for supposedly having her her studio shot photoshopped to make her look lighter had the following ad running when I visited:



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