NFL, Rush Limbaugh & the Rams: What Conservatives Should Do

In regards to potential NFL approval of Rush Limbaugh being part of a bid to purchase the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, is reporting “…League sources told that Limbaugh’s candidacy in any Rams bid had ‘zero chance’ of being approved by the league’s owners.”

I think conservatives have to stand up and take notice that outspoken mainstream conservatives are not welcome in the NFL. I see two possible practical responses:

1) Boycott;
2) Monitor every liberal NFL owner, coach, player, office worker or dogsbody employed directly or indirectly by the NFL and raise a huge and public stink every time they say anything remotely liberal on a public policy issue.

One way to begin #2 is for those of us so inclined to create Google Alerts covering as many of these people we have time for, and be prepared to make a fuss.

For myself, I am perfectly willing to boycott if others are. I already did it for one season after Limbaugh was treated badly the first time, and I’m from Pittsburgh, which is all that need be said about whether I care strongly about NFL football.

If mainstream conservatives aren’t allowed in the NFL club, I see no particular reason why mainstream liberals ought to be, either. Leave the NFL to the unopinionated drones.

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