Cancelling the NFL Sunday Ticket

My favorite letter of the day, and not just because it is from a Pittsburgher:

Amy,I completely agree with your suggestion to boycott the NFL. I too am originally from Pittsburgh and know exactly what you mean when you say that you care strongly about the sport. In fact, I almost feel like someone has died now that I canceled the NFL Sunday Ticket. I can’t however continue to financially support an organization that would single out a private citizen for punishment simply because they don’t agree with their political views. Is NBC aware of the hateful vomit that is spewed daily from Keith Olbermann?

In addition, I wonder what sacred “standards” the Commissioner was referring to in his press conference the other day. Are they the same standards that turn a blind eye to sadistic dog killers, wife beaters, suspected murders, and other unsavory thugs? Apparently the Commissioner is fine with filling the NFL ranks with the likes of Michael Vick, Dante Stallworth, Pacman Jones, and Ray Lewis – but conservative talk radio hosts need not apply. I am a proud conservative that is appalled at what is happening to this country. Too bad the NFL doesn’t like my political views. I guess they don’t like spending my money either. They will never get another penny of it.

It is a sad day for America,

Pembroke Pines, FL

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