Project 21’s Deneen Borelli Joins Discussion on Fox’s “Strategy Room” Today – Watch Live Online

From David Almasi:

Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli will discuss her new column about the perils of unconditional black support for President-elect Barack Obama today as part of the group discussion on the Fox News Channel’s on-line “Strategy Room” program on Friday, November 21 between 11:00am and 1:00pm eastern.To access the live Internet broadcast, click here and then click the “STREAM THIS NOW” headline in the center or the page at the top right of the photo.

In her latest New Visions Commentary – “Black Backing of Barack Should Not Be Unconditional” – Deneen writes:

It is quite possible to be black and be proud – even excited – about Barack Obama’s achievement while opposing him politically. This black woman, for instance, did not vote for Obama. Furthermore, I don’t believe his policies are sound.I find it unfortunate that Obama’s personal keys to success – hard work and perseverance – are tragically absent from the agenda he espouses. Instead of lauding the virtues of self-reliance and independence, he is pushing massive federal growth and government intrusion.

Collectivism replaces individualism, and government intervention replaces self-preservation…

…Unfortunately, the “We” in Obama’s “Yes We Can!” literally means collectivism and a statist government that stifles our liberties.

I’d rather endorse a “Yes I Can!” philosophy. I think those who came before me would agree.

To read all of Deneen’s commentary, click here.

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