COP-15 Observation: So These Are The People We’re Going to Let Run the World Economy?


Waiting line to get into COP-15 conference at about 4 PM Copenhagen time

I heard this morning from the National Center for Public Policy Research’s delegation to the COP-15 climate conference in Copenhagen. Seems they’ve been standing in line outside the conference (in 32 degree F weather!) for nearly six hours (so far) in a so-far fruitless effort to get insie.

No, they didn’t forget to get credentials. It seems the geniuses at the United Nations selected a building site for the conference that holds 15,000 people, and then gave credentials to 45,000 people. So, naturally, at any given time, two-thirds of the people (almost all of whom used carbon-intensive energy to travel to Copenhagen) are unable to participate.

Such incompetence highlights the idiocy of the entire enterprise. Climate science, especially when done honestly, is immensely complicated — so complicated, anyone who tells you that humanity understands how the climate works is either deluded or lying to you. Likewise, every proposed “solution” to global warming is complicated — far more complicated than figuring out that 45,000 people cannot fit into a building designed for 15,000.

If the United Nations can’t manage the simple conference logistic of making sure the building facility is large enough to handle the number of people to whom it handed out credentials, why should we assume it can handle correctly interpreting the nuances of climate science and the regulation of a significant portion of the world economy?

The U.N.’s COP-15 climate conference organizers may face the irony of having global warming conference attendees hospitalized for exposure — assuming that hasn’t happened already. Six hours is a long time to stand outside in 32 degree weather, and many of the people forced to wait outdoors presumably dressed for the commute to the conference, not for a day standing outside.

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