Video: United Nations Rep Tells NGOs They Are Out of COP-15 Climate Conference

American conservatives aren’t the only ones booing the United Nations. Here’s a group of (mostly) liberal environmentalists doing it.

This is video of the announcement Monday at the COP-15 climate conference that non-governmental organization (NGO) delegates who had not yet been admitted to the conference would not be admitted for the rest of the week.

Crowd members booing are accredited NGO delegates who had waited eight hours in line in 32 degree F cold to get into the conference and (mostly) travelled long distances to be there. To be accredited, they would have applied for and received credentials more than a month ago.

The U.N. later announced it would permit each accredited NGO to have four members attend the conference, and said it would send an email to each NGO with the new credentials, without which, they cannot get in.

This is welcome news, but it may well not be true. We are an accredited NGO and our delegation stood out in the cold for eight hours Monday, but we have received no email from the United Nations containing the new credentials needed to get in on Tuesday. My inquiry to the United Nations has met with no reply, and the conference starts in less than an hour.

(Video shot by David Ridenour)

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