Re: Climategate, Left-Wing DeSmogBlog Website Asks Us for Research Help

DeSmogBlogLogo.jpgKindness is not usually a term one associates with the anti-Holocaustglobal warming denier website DeSmogBlog, but its staff has made an exception today.

Managing Editor Kevin Grandia is so concerned about the American taxpayer being fleeced through wasteful disbursements of stimulus funds, he’s trying to help us publicize the unfortunate decision of the Obama Administration to give over a half a million U.S. taxpayer dollars to Climategate scientist Dr. Michael Mann.

It’s really very kind of Kevin, especially when you consider that DeSmogBlog is a Canadian website, run by a for-profit public relations firm. How many Canadian for-profits worry about U.S. taxpayers being shafted? And after normal working hours, too!

From: Kevin Grandia <[email protected]>
Date: January 14, 2010 9:52:52 PM EST
To: [email protected]
Subject: Mann claim

Hi David,

I am looking for your evidence backing your claim that Mann received stimulus money. I cannot find anything in your press release or on your blog. I also searched the datbase and cannot find it. Obviously, it is imperative that such a claim is backed by solid sources and research so I would appreciate you sending this on to me as soon as possible.


–Kevin Grandia
Managing Editor

DeSmogBlog’s much anticipated book, “Climate Cover Up: the crusade to deny global warming” is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble – get your copy today!

And thank you, too, Kevin, for telling us about DeSmogBlog’s book highlighting the important work of many of us in the U.S. skeptic community (polite people don’t call us “deniers,” Kevin) who don’t want to disproportionately hurt poor people by raising energy prices based on models that disagree with one another or on an injudicious analysis of the rings of a small number of carefully-selected trees. As it is always interesting to see what the neighbors next door have to say about one, Kevin, I’d be happy to read your boss’s new book if you send me a free copy. You might be interested also in my book, which describes in sad detail the way the Canadian left has screwed up your health care system. You can get a free copy of it here. Be warned, though, since you live in Canada, it might come across as kind of terrifying. I regret that, but some leftist Americans want to do to us what yours did to you, and we really have to warn people.

Back to the Michael Mann grant. I can tell from your email, Kevin, that looking in three places on the Internet for information on the grant before giving up has kind of tired you out. Really, I don’t blame DeSmogBlog for this, as you are PR professionals, not researchers. I’m sure if we were talking about the best way to market a new brand of laundry detergent, you’d know lots more than we would, so why should I expect you to know a lot about government? Or climate?

So I will help you out a little. The $541,184 grant from our taxpayers to Climategate scientist Michael Mann is National Science Foundation grant award #0902133. Is documentation about it online? Maybe, Kevin, but how would you learn to do research if we did all your work for you? And besides, if you want to claim we made it up, isn’t it your job to prove it?

P.S. I know DeSmogBlog — amusingly, for a PR agency website — is in the habit of painting anyone with a differing point of view as a corporate whore, so be aware that the total funding we receive from all corporate sources combined amounts to about one-half of one percent of our total income. About 98 percent of our income comes from small gifts from over 100,000 people who are darned worried about the job-killing, price-raising and liberty-restricting agenda of people like you. Should you write about us, I doubt you’ll be able to resist claiming we’re corporate funded, but you won’t be able to claim we didn’t tell you by how much.

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