DeSmogBlog’s Recent Word

DeSmogblog‘s most recent word in our “debate,” a Tweet about me (and Rush Limbaugh) from Kevin Grandia’s Twitter feed that popped up on my online clip service last night:


I assume he means we are both fat (although Rush Limbaugh has lost a lot of weight this past year), but, based on the pictures he choose, Kevin doesn’t know the half of it: My hair color is a lot closer to Rush’s now.

But to answer the question, no, superficial (and ideological as well as football) similarities notwithstanding, we were not separated at birth. My parents would never have let Rush go.

But it is time, I think, to let this particular “debate” with DeSmogBlog die its natural death. By the time a conversation hits the “you’re fat” level, it’s no longer even remotely about public policy. Our priorities here at the National Center right now are to stop economically-ruinous environmental legislation (that won’t even help the environment!), put a halt to the Administration’s forced march toward the pain, fear, misery and premature death that is the hallmark of government-run health care, promote the free-market reforms that can strengthen our health care and retirement security systems, cut the size of government and promote a strong, secure and free America that is governed according to what our Constitution says and according to the principles of our Founders. Pointing out the ideological weaknesses of the left — such as the DeSmogBlog tactic of demonizing opponents a la “denier” labelling — promotes this goal, but dwelling upon a message once the statement has been made, or becoming distracted by debates that have devolved into personal insults, does not.

I’m sure I’ll visit DeSmogBlog again at some point in the future, and perhaps comment on something they say related to public policy, but not for some time.

In the meantime, I leave followers of this conversation with two links to policy-oriented critiques of other, but very important, aspects of the DeSmogBlog approach to policy that are (alas!) far better written, and far more entertaining, than anything I have posted in this thread: – DeSmogBlog parody site that proves DeSmogBlog’s true philosophy is the promotion of totalitarianism, created by Donna Laframboise, a former vice-president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (also the creator of

DeSmog Accidentally Vindicates The Skeptics Handbook” — absolutely hilarious response of science educator and speaker Joanne Nova to DeSmogBlog’s futile effort to rebut “The Skeptics Handbook,” which she authored.

And now, back to regularly-scheduled public policy programming.

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