Bloomberg Covers National Center Questions for John Deere Management

JohnDeereLogo.jpgBloomberg News is covering Tom and Deneen Borelli’s appearance at the John Deere stockholder meeting today:

…[John Deere CEO Samuel] Allen defended Deere’s membership in the U.S. Climate Action Partnership amid questions from Tom and Deneen Borelli, with the conservative think tank National Center for Public Policy Research, who say proposed cap-and-trade legislation will push up fuel prices and hurt job growth. U.S. CAP is a coalition of companies and environmental groups seeking legislation to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Cap and Trade

Allen said Deere wants to be part of the debate and is evaluating all proposals, and that cap and trade can succeed if done the right way.

‘The best opportunity to help is to be at the table,’ Allen said in response to public questions at the meeting.

Tom Borelli said cap and trade will be a tax on fossil fuels and hurt customers ability to buy Deere products. He noted the decision by Caterpillar Inc. not to renew its membership.

‘Sitting at the table is not good enough,’ Tom Borelli said.

Allen said he would evaluate cap-and-trade policy with the interests of Deere, its customers and shareholders in mind…

Read Bloomberg’s entire article here.

Tom and Deneen attended the meeting as representatives of the National Center, which is a John Deere stockholder. Tom directs our Free Enterprise Project, and Deneen is a full-time fellow with the African-American leadership group we sponsor, Project 21.

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