Britain Censors Climate News

ASALogo.png…but maybe not in the way you expect.

It seems Britain’s independent, non-governmental Advertising Standards Authority, charged with monitoring advertising for truthfulness, has banned advertisements by Britain’s Labour government for exaggerating the risk posed by greenhouse gas emissions.

The ads claimed heat waves, storms and floods will become more “frequent and intense” thanks to “climate change.”

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled it is impossible for the government to make such a claim with certainty.

ADDENDUM: Here’s what the banned ads look like (open in another window to enlarge):




The ruling doesn’t mean the government has stopped telling mis-truths about global warming, however. For example, on a webpage entitled “Climate change myths and misconceptions,” the British government claims climate regulations will lower the cost of energy:

If this were true, the market would take care of the matter without the need for government interference.

I don’t mean to single out the British government, however. Our own lies about global warming rather often.

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