What if the Minutemen Get Thirsty?


Want a vision of a world where the “green police” control everyday life? Try millions of Americans denied clean water after a natural or man-made disaster. That is what will happen if the green activists of one Massachusetts town have their way.Out of the town that sparked America’s war for independence – Concord, Massachusetts – comes the newest brand of nanny-state control. Last Thursday, the town of Concord voted to ban the sale of all water bottles.

Jean Hill, an 82-year-old green activist, who hopes to begin a trend across the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts, led Concord’s push towards green fascism. Some who opposed the ban wondered what would happen in the event of a disaster. Well…

Two days after Concord voted to ban the sale of water bottles, a major water main broke in nearby Weston, Massachusetts, leaving more than two million Greater Boston residents without clean water. Over the weekend, stores across the Boston area were packed with citizens in search of clean, safe, healthy bottled water. The Boston Globe reports that the National Guard and state officials have dispensed “thousands of gallons of fresh bottled water to affected communities.” Well, it’s a good thing that other communities have not followed Concord’s lead.

Perhaps this disaster will wake people up to the perils of the green police, but don’t underestimate the hubris of the ecological elites.

Concord’s water bottle ban comes on heels of a California County’s move to ban toys from “Happy Meals” and the White House’s war on candy and soda. The message from the ecological and liberal elites is the same – Americans cannot be trusted so big government and green police will make all the decisions for the ignorant masses.

There will almost certainly be legal challenges to Concord’s water bottle ban. Here is hoping they succeed. But for now it’s just another example of the green police run amok.

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