Show Us What You’ve Spent to Lobby, and What $$$ You Expect to Gain, CEO Told


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As predicted, Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers was on the hot seat Thursday as the National Center’s Tom Borelli and Deneen Borelli pressured him to reveal just how much money the utility expects to make from the global warming cap-and-trade regulations for which it is lobbying.

Th exchanges can be heard on YouTube at, and

The company was also asked to reveal how much money it has spent in support for the work of non-profit organizations working for new global warming regulations.

Cap-and-trade, in the form of the Waxman-Markey bill, was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives last year, and is currently under consideration in the Senate.

The Borellis will be attending the Goldman Sachs shareholder meeting in New York Friday. Like Duke Energy, Goldman Sachs has lobbied aggressively for passage of cap-and-trade.

Tom Borelli is director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project and Deneen Borelli is full-time fellow of the National Center-sponsored Project 21, an African-American leadership group. She is also a Fox News Contributor.

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