Another Prominent Black Conservative on Today’s Gun Rights Victory

Deneen Borelli, a fellow with Project 21 and a Fox News Channel contributor, is speaking out about the Supreme Court’s ruling today in the case of McDonald v. Chicago.  This decision lifts bans on the possession of guns everywhere in the United States for the means of self-defense.

Deneen said:

Thanks to today’s Supreme Court decision in favor of gun rights, Americans can celebrate their independence this 4th of July from overbearing state and local laws that have banned a citizen’s right own a gun.

The Supreme Court upheld an individual’s constitutional right to bear arms.  This stands in sharp contrast to President Obama’s assault on our liberties, such as with his restriction of choice in health care and his cap-and-trade energy tax plan.

It’s a great relief to see that the Supreme Court, at least for now, interprets the Constitution in line with the intention of our Founding Fathers and their strong belief in individual liberty.  President Obama should take note!

Project 21 is a program of the National Center for Public Policy Research.

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