Black Founding Fathers Could Be Focus of a Black History Month, Says Project 21’s Deneen Borelli on Glenn Beck Show

Deneen Borelli, full-time fellow of the National Center for Public Policy Research-sponsored Project 21 black leadership network, appeared on last week’s “Founders’ Friday” weekly special of the Glenn Beck program.

During the program, which focused on the role of black colonists involved in the establishment of our American democracy, Deneen asked David Barton of WallBuilders about the need for a new Black History Month to expand upon current observances that leave out so many black patriots.

ColoredPatriotsAmericanRevolutionB.jpgDuring this clip, Barton also described laws passed to ban slavery by several colonies (Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Massachusetts) in the 1770s that essentially were vetoed by King George III because slavery was at that time legal throughout the British Empire.

He also recommended an 1855 book by black historian William Cooper Nell, “The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution,” for more information about the role played by specific black Founding Fathers.

This program originally aired on the Fox News Channel on June 25, 2010.

Deneen Borelli and Project 21’s Robin Martin also appeared in an earlier Glenn Beck program on the black Founding Fathers that originally was broadcast on May 28, 2010. Your can view clips of that broadcast here.

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