When Big Business Lobbies for the Left, Does It Drive You Nuts?

If so, we may have the perfect petition for you.

The National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project is launching its new BigBusinessWatch.org website this morning with a brand-new petition calling upon General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to resign.

The reasons for the resignation request include:

  • Immelt was a leading proponent of President Obama’s $ 787 billion economic stimulus bill, which failed to curb unemployment but added billions of dollars to our crushing national debt.
  • Immelt is a leading advocate of President Obama’s cap-and-trade policy, which, if adopted, would raise the cost of gasoline, electricity, consumer products and export jobs overseas.
  • Immelt allowed the MSNBC cable TV network to repeatedly hurl demeaning insults, often of a racial or sexual nature, at patriotic Americans who are peacefully challenging President Obama’s big-government policies.

If you’ve ever been annoyed by MSNBC’s seemingly neverending slanders against good Americans or by big corporations lobbying for federal overspending and/or for a further federal takeover of our energy sector that would lead to higher prices for us and drive jobs overseas, why not take one minute to go over to BigBusinessWatch.org and sign the petition?

And if you agree the GE CEO Jeff Immelt should resign, please consider forwarding a copy of the petition to a like-minded friend.

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