Glenn Beck Show Runs Project 21 Member Montage of Commentary on NAACP’s Tea Party Racism Allegations

On his television show this evening, Fox’s Glenn Beck ran a montage of black conservative opinion about the NAACP anti-Tea Party racism resolution. All but two of those quoted or shown were members of the National Center-sponsored Project 21 black leadership group and five of the statements were taken from excellent coverage of this NAACP issue on Andrew Breitbart’s

Project 21 members shown or quoted on the video clip above are: Deneen Borelli (a clip of her Fox and Friends appearance today), Rich Holt, Ak’bar Shabazz, Lisa Fritsch (a clip of her Cavuto appearance yesterday), Jimmie Hollis, R. Dozier Gray and Robin Martin.

Black conservatives and/or Tea Party activists David Webb and Pastor C.L. Bryant, who are not affiliated with Project 21, also were shown making excellent points.

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