Black Tea Partiers in Virginia Speak Out Against NAACP Resolution

Black conservatives are condemning the NAACP for its recent resolution meant to smear the advocates of smaller, more responsible government in the tea party movement with charges of racism.  Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government web site features many statements made by members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network as well as others decrying the crass politicization of one the nation’s most prominent civil rights groups.

This morning, several black members of the tea party movement in Virginia, including Project 21 members Coby W. Dillard and Bishop E.W. Jackson, released their own statement against the NAACP’s action.

Dillard, the co-founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party, said:

With 15 percent of blacks unemployed and 13 percent in fair or poor health nationwide, one would expect the NAACP to focus on problems that truly damage the black community.  Instead, they choose to sow more racial divisiveness against the tea party — a movement that seeks to restore those founding principles that unite Americans of all colors as one nation, indivisible.

Sonnie Johnson, president of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia, added:

From the Jackson Ward Area of Richmond to the Vinegar Hill area of Charlottesville, I understand how the NAACP’s politics damages the black community.  After 40 years of advancing a big government agenda, trading political favors and rewarding the children of former civil rights leaders for the courage shown by their parents, they continue to destroy productive communities that could otherwise flourish under the freedom that comes with small government.

To read all of the comments, click here.

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