Deneen Borelli Debates NAACP’s Hilary Shelton on Fox

Project 21 full-time fellow Deneen Borelli chastises NAACP senior vice president Hilary Shelton over his group’s resolution alleging racism within the tea party movement.

The debate took place on the July 17 edition of “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel. Joining Deneen and Shelton is Fox host Martha McCallum.

As noted earlier in this blog, during the debate Shelton claimed to have attended a specific Tea Party. However, as seen below (8:20 on the video), Shelton claimed a few days ago, also on Fox, that he had never attended a Tea Party.

Shelton’s allegations against the Tea Parties are outlandish to anyone familiar with the facts (he rehashes the discredited “spitting” allegation, among other things); watch the videos to see for yourself.

P.S. As David Almasi noted, Deneen Borelli will appear on Fox again tonight at 9 PM Eastern on Hannity, discussing Obama’s falling poll numbers. P.S.S. Kudos to David Almasi for being the first to recognize (except Shelton himself), that Shelton had told two versions of the same story.

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