Calling Out the Shark Jumpers

There must be something about sharks that makes all-too-many NAACP officials want to jump them.

The executive director of the Virginia NAACP has written a dishonest and offensive (sexual slurs against Tea Party activists now, NAACP?) letter to Virginia Senator Jim Webb.

The letter, which desperately needed a proofreader, is also hard-core left-wing, providing yet another bit of evidence that all the NAACP is now is a left-wing activist organization that calls people names as a tactic to intimidate them into not opposing its radical policy agenda.

Those of us — and this includes liberals as well as conservatives — who prefer to debate policy issues on their merits need to be far more aggressive in calling out these racialist shark-jumpers.

Addendum: Jim Webb’s office has released a preliminary response about the NAACP letter, but says it will send an additional “careful response” to the NAACP once Senator Webb actually receives the letter.

Apparently the NAACP released the letter to the news media before delivering it to Webb. Classy!

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