Sen. Reid’s Oil Spill Bill Still Nil

“Harry Reid — The Scream.” Source: absentee_redstate’s photostream, big surprise, Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid yesterday pulled his “spill bill” from the Senate floor. Watch as he tries to brand Republicans “obstructionists” for standing in the way of his bill that would have destroyed jobs, hiked up energy prices, limited offshore drilling, and done little to ensure an oil spill of this magnitude never happens again.

“It’s clear Republicans were going to be determined to stand in the way of everything,” he said yesterday.

And, as he was quoted in The Hill:

“It’s a sad day when you can’t find a handful of Republicans to support a bill” that holds BP accountable for spill liability and creates green jobs, he told reporters.

He won’t mention, of course, that there was plenty of obstruction within his own party, even as he claimed to have full Democrat support. This in the New York Times:

Although the majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, sought to blame Republicans for sinking the energy measure, the reality is that Democrats are also divided over how to proceed on the issue and had long ago given up hope of a comprehensive bill to address climate change.

In fact, earlier this week Sen. Begich (D-Alaska) indicated he supported the Republican legislation and not Sen. Reid’s. See link here.

Nor will Sen. Reid mention that it was his plan all along to introduce a bill he knew would have little GOP support so he could return home to Nevada in August and blame Republicans for standing in the way.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska):

Sen. Reid is predictably blaming Republicans for standing in the way of a bill that he threw together in secret and without input from almost any other member of the Senate. Process alone guaranteed its failure, although substance would have as well had Sen. Reid actually brought his bill up for debate or a vote.

All this deception, of course, is a prelude to September when he will try to push an energy refrom bill that likely will include a renewable fuels mandate and possibly even cap and trade or a utility carbon emissions cap.

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