Glenn Beck Reads Project 21 Press Release on Radio Show

Project 21 is issuing several press releases about the Glenn Beck rally scheduled for Saturday, August 28 at the Washington Momument. The first press release, “Black Conservatives Support Glenn Beck Event on MLK Anniversary,” was read aloud by Glenn on his national radio show Thursday.

Click above to hear Glenn read it, or read it yourself here, or the first followup to that release, “Black Conservatives Question Criticism of Beck Rally,” here.

For other recent coverage of Project 21 by Glenn Beck, go to this video of his TV show from July 14, where he broadcast comments by Project 21 members Deneen Borelli, Rich Holt, Ak’bar Shabazz, Lisa Fritsch, Jimmie Hollis, R. Dozier Gray and Robin Martin. Go to 1:40 on the video for the Project 21 montage.

Additional videos of Project 21 appearances on the Glenn Beck TV show are available on the SunnyDayAmerica YouTube channel.

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