Judge Orders Law Firms to Diversify

I always thought justice was blind.  Apparently one federal judge saw too many white male lawyers working on a case and had to put a stop to it.   Source: istockphoto.com (Note: This is not a picture of Judge Baer.)

On September 20, Federal Judge ­­­­Harold Baer Jr. ordered two firms serving as lead counsel for a large class action lawsuit to use best efforts to make sure minorities and women staffed the case.

In the order (pdf), Judge Baer declared that:

WHEREAS this proposed class includes thousands of participants, both male and female, arguably from diverse backgrounds, and it is therefore important to all concerned that there is evidence of diversity, in terms of race and gender, in the class counsel I appoint … it is hereby ordered that Co-Lead Counsel … shall make every effort to assign this matter to at least one minority lawyer and one woman lawyer.

It is bad enough that white male students have limited access to college and law school thanks to affirmative action mandated racism; now a judge is actually trying to block white men from practicing law in his courtroom.

Judge Baer should be ashamed.

Using Judge Baer’s logic, the next time a child needs an attorney perhaps a judge should appoint the baby from the E-Trade commercials.  Or when the Aliens come to visit the United Nations a judge should order Marvin the Martian or Dennis Kucinich to represent them.

Judge Baer should also call Commissioner Roger Goodell and order him to have more women quarterbacks and Asian wide receivers play in the National Football League.

Efforts by far left zealots like Judge Baer to make every single workplace, school, and social setting an exact racial and gender patchwork of the population at large are disgusting.  If a law firm thinks that a lawyer is the most qualified for a specific case – he should handle it – period.  Imagine the humiliation the woman and minority attorneys will feel knowing that the only reason they are on the case is because some judge ordered it.

If Judge Baer actually thinks that a white male cannot provide vigorous counsel for a female or minority client, who is the real bigot?

This is the same wrong-headed thinking that results in “Wise Latinas” getting Supreme Court appointments.  Recall now-Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s famous statement:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

It is time to end mandated racism in schools, the workplace, and now in courtrooms.

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