Let’s Go to the Hate Fest!

Today is the left’s “One Nation” rally at the Lincoln Memorial — their attempt to show up Glenn Beck’s 828 rally.

Denied!  Their crowd number in the thousands, not the hundreds of thousands.  But what did make them stand out was the anger that permeated the crowd.  While they still probably love Obama, they obviously aren’t getting enough and not getting it quickly enough.  That underlying, permeating feeling of discontent was not seen on August 28 nor September 12.

Here’s a few photos to provide a flavor of what transpired.


You didn’t need to say this twice.

Didn’t bring a sign?  There wasn’t a lot of creativity (unlike tea party rallies), so the unions and other groups there were happy to pre-print them by the thousands.  It’s their way of stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

Union t-shirts?  Check.  Pre-printed signs?  Check.  Whistles?  Check.  Free box lunch eaten and trash tossed on the ground?  Check.  Remember where our free bus is parked?  Check.  We’re ready for our grassroots rally now.

But there were creative people who did bring their own tasteful signage.

Everything works when you put a wind turbine on it (or make into one)!

It was supposed to be a nonpartisan event.  D’oh!

But at least they had more than just the two major parties represented.

No, that last picture wasn’t the only one.

After all, anyone who knows politics knows you can’t have more than three lefties together without one of these guys showing up (and they were all over the place today).

They had their share of celebrities, such as fair and balanced MSNBC nut-job Ed Schultz.

And Divine from John Waters’ movies (wait a minute, I thought he/she was dead).

And then there was… this guy.

So much to say, so little space on one piece of posterboard.

I want to experience the largest tax increase in national history.  Yea!  Ruin the economy more!

But we’ll have to if we are going to keep this Obama constituency happy.

Or this one.  Who wants to graduate from college and be a wage slave — especially when they’ll already be slaves to the government since the government now holds all their loans.  But I digress.

Oh yeah.  I forgot.

While it was supposed to be “One Nation” and all about jobs, there was a lot of animosity about our foreign policy toward the Middle East.

And Israel.

Especially Israel.

Speaking of hate speech, doesn’t this seem a little racist?  Just a smidgen?

Hey, who let the Glenn Beck guy in here?

Or these money-grubbing capitalists?

After all, this is the “One Nation” rally.  Only one point of view is needed.

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