Julian Assange as Dr. Evil

ALT TAG“I’m prepared to launch the codes for the Dooms Day files unless you permit me to release Two Hundred and Fifty THOUSAND secret documents…”

Matthew Ingram of Bloomberg BusinessWeek says, “If the WikiLeaks saga were a comic book, it would be starting to look a lot like the Justice League of America vs. the League of Supervillians — or maybe it’s more like Star Wars, with the plucky rebel alliance up against the might of the Empire.”

Maybe, but with news the other day that before his arrest, Assange threatened to deploy an international network of hackers to drop a “poison pill” of purportedly dangerous national security documents about Gitmo, as well as files about the BP oil spill, should he be arrested or killed, I believe Assange may be modeling himself as an anti-American parody of the Austin Powers series character “Dr. Evil.”

Speaking of Assange and movies, Patrick Gavin at Politico has provided his picks of who Hollywood should pick to play Julian Assange in a movie. My choice is DJ Qualls, the pasty-faced geek from Road Trip. Take a look, and see if you don’t agree.

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